Ferry Research Group

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Group News

November 2018: Welcome to new graduate students John Keil and Eleanor Mayes!

October 2018: Congratulations to Sihoon Moon for winning 2nd place in the Materials Engineering and Sciences division of the AIChE undergraduate poster competition!

October 2018: Vivian gave seminars in Applied Physics at Caltech and at Northrop Grumman.

October 2018:
Vivian is one of the recipients of the Marion Milligan Mason Award for 2019 (link), and is also the recipient of the APS Ovshinsky Fellowship in Sustainable Energy (link).

October 2018:
Vivian gave a seminar at Gustavus Adolphus in the Department of Chemistry. Thanks to Ian Hill for the invitation!
October 2018:
Vivian gave a seminar at USC in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, and Petroleum Engineering. Thanks to Malancha Gupta for the invitation!
August 2018:
Congratulations to Christian on successfully defending his masters thesis!
August 2018:
Congratulations to Dana and Mayank on their just accepted paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C!
August 2018:
Congratulations to Ian on two new papers in collaboration with NREL: one PVSC proceedings paper, and one SPIE proceedings paper!
August 2018:
Vivian gave an invited talk at SPIE Optics and Photonics in San Diego.

Welcome to the Ferry Group!

Our research group focuses on the interaction between light and nanostructured materials. By tailoring the nanoscale geometry and environment, we control the propagation of light in subwavelength dimensions and develop new materials with unique properties. 
We synthesize nanostructures using colloidal chemistry and top-down nanofabrication techniques, study their properties using nanoscale optical spectroscopy, integrate nanostructures into functional devices, and build understanding using complementary simulation and theory methods.  Our research is highly interdisciplinary, including aspects of chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering.
Our current research interests include light management for solar energy conversion, tunable and switchable metamaterials, and nanophotonic applications of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals.
Ferry Group Summer 2018