Ferry Research Group

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Group News

January 2018:
New paper out in IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics in collaboration with NREL!

January 2018:
New paper out in collaboration with Zasadzinski group!

December 2017:
Congratulations to Ryan Connell and Samantha Hill (Kortshagen group) on winning the grand prize in the DOW Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge for their work on Si-based luminescent solar concentrators! See more about their award here

November 2017:
Congratulations to Mayank Puri on his paper in ACS Nano!

November 2017:
VF presents invited talk at Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium in Potsdam, Germany.

November 2017:
Welcome to new graduate students Bryan Cote and Chen Fan!

November 2017:
Mayank, Ryan, Dana, Matt, Pavlos, and Sihoon all presented at the AIChE meeting in Minneapolis!

October 2017:
VF presents invited talk at SciX in Reno.

August 2017:
Congratulations to John on his successful master’s thesis defense!

July 2017: 
Vivian gave an invited talk at the META conference in Incheon.

Welcome to the Ferry Group!

Our research group focuses on the interaction between light and nanostructured materials. By tailoring the nanoscale geometry and environment, we control the propagation of light in subwavelength dimensions and create new materials with unique optical, electrical, chemical, magnetic, and thermal properties. These new materials find application in highly efficient solar cells with improved charge extraction, in tailored emission for solid-state lighting, and in the detection of nanoscale biological and chemical interactions.

We synthesize nanostructures using colloidal chemistry and top-down nanofabrication techniques, study their properties using nanoscale optical spectroscopy, integrate nanostructures into functional devices, and build understanding using complementary simulation and theory methods.  Our research is highly interdisciplinary, including aspects of chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering.